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Jean Manuel SIMOES




Born in 1964 in the Parisian suburbs, of double Franco-Portuguese culture, Jean-Manuel Simoes began his career in photography at the age of thirty-three. A marked interest in people has oriented his approach first to reporting and the press as a regular contributor to Le Journal du Dimanche, then L’Express, Télérama, and Le Monde. During several years, Jean-Manuel has been involved in local photography, out of current affairs and sensationalism, on social, everyday and life themes. His love of paper makes him a photographer who remains faithful to this medium with his darkroom work as an intrinsic part of his photography. Documentary Photography Prize, Investigation Prize, Special Jury Prize at the Festival du Scoop, nominated for the Bayeux War Correspondent Prize, the AFP-Bendrihem Prize for Political Photography, exhibitions at the Chelsea Center for the Arts in New York, at the Abbey of Neumünster in Luxembourg, at the Contemporary Art Center of Katowice in Poland, at the Atelier 340-Muzeum in Brussels, at L'Imagerie de Lannion, projections at the Visa pour l'Image Festival in Perpignan, Singular Images of Sète. 

Si tratta di un lavoro sulla perdita dei punti di riferimento. Quindi ho lavorato principalmente sul materiale tangibile, sulla grana della pellicola e della carta e per niente sulla purezza e nitidezza del digitale.

In questo lavoro tutto si fonde, grana, immagini, alcune delle stampe diventano leggibili sia verticalmente che orizzontalmente, o illeggibili. La  perdita di molti punti di riferimento ci proietta in un universo totalmente allucinatorio e distopico.

It is a work on the loss of reference points. So I worked mainly on the tangible material, on the grain of the film and paper and not at all on the purity and clarity of digital.

In this work everything merges, grain, images, some of the prints become legible both vertically and horizontally, or illegible. The loss of many points of reference throws us into a totally hallucinatory and dystopian universe.

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